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We are new community of creative people. This site will eventually house information about our building, resident artists, commercial tenants, news, and events.

Until then, please enjoy meeting some of our residents.

Biola Akanni: Writer / Photographer

Abiola Akanni

Writing, Photography

Jinji Amen

Jinji Amen

Visual Arts

Amora Josephine

Amora Josephine

Visual Arts

Tyler Beaman: Videographer

Tyler Beaman


Syreeta Bernal

Syreeta Bernal


Rosemary Carroll: Dancer / Painter

Rosemary Carroll

Dance, Painting

Riqui Castellanoz: Performance Artist

Riqui Castellanoz


Alex Chadsey: Musician / Writer

Alex Chadsey

Music, Writing

Craig Cundiff: Artist / Photographer

Craig Cundiff

Painting, Photography, Drawing

Gwen Delmore: Collage & Journal Artist / Bookmaker

Gwen Delmore

Collage, Bookmaking, Art Journaling

Mia Dovi: Artist

Mia Dovi

Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Mixed Media

Shayna Esteban: Jewelry Artist

Shayna Esteban


Tony Fantozzi: Musician

Tony Fantozzi


Admassu Guessese: Artist / Curator

Admassu Guessese

Painting, Art Curator

Seth Harrell: Artist

Seth Harrell

Painting, Mixed Media

Sibyl Haynes: Painter

Sibyl Haynes


Rochelle House: Musician

Rochelle House


Jessica Hu: Dancer

Jessica Hu


Chau Huynh: Painter

Chau Huynh

Painting, Mixed Media

Mari Ichimasu: Illustrator / Musician

Mari Ichimasu

Illustration, Music

Henry Jackson-Spieker: Sculptor

Henry Jackson-Spieker

Sculpture: Glass/Metal

Bo Kim: Photographer / Designer

Bo Kim

Photography, Design, Film

Irene Kung-Campbell: Jewelry

Irene Kung-Campbell


Gato Negro Chat Blanc Jewelry Studio

Sierra Logan: Painter

Sierra Logan


Philippa Myler: Dancer

Philippa Myler


Eric Perry: Artist

Eric Perry

Performing Arts, Sculpture, Mixed Media

Erik Peters: Musician

Erik Peters


Steve Potter: Writer / Artist

Steve Potter

Writing, Drawing

Karen Ruth: Mixed Media Artist

Karen Ruth

Mixed Media, Jewelry

Sonia Stehr: Dancer

Sonia Stehr


Jamil Suleman: Filmmaker / Musician /  Performing Artist

Jamil Suleman

Film, Music

Syed Taqi: Martial Arts

Syed Taqi

Martial Arts

Kook Teflon

Kook Teflon

Doll Making, Performing Arts


David Torres: Sound Design

David Torres

Sound Design

Olli Tumelius: Photographer / Musician

Olli Tumelius

Photography, Music

Burgandy Viscosi

Burgandy Viscosi


Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams

Martial Arts, Gaming, Cosplay

Austin Williams

Austin Williams

Video, Mixed Media, Design

Not pictured: Michelle Dawn, Ari Glass, Brandon Ryan and more...